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Futurepia Mainnet,
Blockchain for Social Media.

Blockchain for High Traffic DApps

FUTUREPIA Mainnet provides a total solution social media platform optimized for DApps. Thanks to our dedicated API modules, it is easy to build and run DApps on our mainnet.

DDPoS Mainnet

FUTUREPIA Mainnet uses the DDPoS, a new and improved algorithm based on Graphene engine’s DPoS. However, instead of 21 BP we combine 17 master nodes with 4 random nodes, making the system's security much stronger.
Random BO
Block Producing Sequence


KOLAS is the certification body recognized by 72 countries, in accordance with international relevant standards. KOLAS has assessed and certified FUTUREPIA’s Social Media Mainnet transaction speed as 300,000 TPS(Transfer Per Second)


  • Live Streaming

  • Smart Wallet

  • Commuication

  • P2P Cloud
We not only provide mainnet core engine API but also other useful modules like live streaming, smart wallet, communication network and p2p cloud API. This would make DApp developers develop the apps easily and grow faster.

ECO SYSTEM Main Actors

(Coin Holder)
  • Can qualify to become BP or BO
  • Can exchange PIA and DApp Token in the Futurepia Internal Exchange
  • Can delegate coins and voting right to BPs and Bos
  • Can vote for additional PIA issuance
(Block Producer)
  • Receives a part of the network usage fee from the DApp developers
(Block Observer)
  • Receives a part of the network usage fee from the DApp developers
  • Opportunity of early listing on the Futurepia Exchange, after getting the admission approval from the BPs to enter the DApp Store.
  • Opportunity of receiving investments from coin holders/BP/BO/Eco System.
  • Access to then entire social network database
  • Use on API modules allowed
(DApp User)
  • DApp Coin Compensation Depending on DApp Activation Contribution
  • Opportunity to exchange PIA and DApp Tokens on the Futurepia exchange
ECO System
  • After BPs’ approval of the candidate DApp, Futurepia Fund can decide to invest on it.
  • Issuance of additional PIAs according to the coin holders’ consensus.


FuturePia leaders are members with decades of building experience in Social Media technology.

Jinyoung Kwak

Having a Masters degree in Computer Sciences from Griffith University, he worked as a software engineer and was among the developers of Cyrword, the first social network in Korea. Late on, he worked at Saycupid.com as CTO and was appointed an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Game Technology at the Korea Polytechnic University. He is regarded as a social network IT expert in solution (DB) Analysis & Design. Since 2015, he has been developing technologies related to SNS service based on distributed network and blockchain. He is the founder and CEO of Sigmachain and now is also serving as the CEO of Futurepia. In recognition of his services, he won the Blockchain Innovation Award at the Global Economic and Cultural Development Forum, Korea in 2018.

Dennis Oh
Vice President

Having a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering from KAIST, he has a history of conducting dozens of successful mergers and acquisitions and have consulted more than 2000 enterprises. He was the representative director of Saving Bank and Nexus Investment Company and was the CFO of Modia and

Jangjun Yun

Jangjun Yun is the Sigmachain CMO, CEO of Doobe Co. Ltd., and Technical Adviser for Korea Software Industry Association. He was part of Shinhan Bank’s smart task force, where he gained extensive experience in building personal information management systems based on the blockchain. In addition, he has built a video evidence analysis system based on AI for the Police Agency. Jangjun was part of the team that participated in making of Big Data POC production center while working along with Google and LG Display. Moreover, he has built the Hyundai and Kia Motors g-CRM / GVOCM.

William Hugo Yang
Head of Global Sales

William is an entrepreneur, advisor and market research analyst. He focuses on ecommerce, video games and social network systems. Prior to joining Sigmachain, William worked in Samsung Electronics, a global handset and consumer electronics manufacturer. He worked inside the ‘Technology Strategy Group’ and ‘Global Service Partnership’ team. Before joining Samsung, William founded and led Unity Technologies Korea office. In this role, he was at the forefront of rapid-growth, and he led the team to deliver 300 percent year-over-year revenue growth and launched several new SaaS products. He started his career as a financial consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Samil) Accounting firm specializing in M&A and corporate finance. William received a master’s degree in Political Science from Yonsei University and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Simon Fraser University.


Michael Kapilkov

Michael Kapilkov has been involved in the blockchain space since 2015 and has founded several blockchain startups. Prior to that he has worked in finance and consulting. Currently, he serves as the managing director at mmviii [2008] Digital Assets Group. Michael Kapilkov has served as an advisor to several ICO startups, including Pundi X, CREDITS, CRYPTYK, AlchemyCoin, DeClub, and Job.com.

Alexandr Chevtaev

Alexandr is a tech entrepreneur, international speaker and startups advisor. Alexandr is a recognized expert in Internet business, blockchain, ICO/STO and business development. He is a Co-Founder mmviii Digital Assets Group - one of the leading companies in ICO management space. Alexandr holds an International MBA degree from one of the top business schools in the world - IE Business School.

Hanwoo Park

Using SNS and big data, he is famous for his world-class research achievements by analyzing human relationships and social phenomena. He was chosen as the only Asian candidate for the ‘Daric Solar Price‘ award, known as the Nobel Prize in science and information, and has a history of founding the World Triple Helix Future Strategy Association, that consists of group of experts in global big data. In recognition of this achievement, he also served as an editor of the SSCI International Journal.

Pungyeon Cho

He is CEO of MetaBuild co. LTD, standing chairman of Korea SW · ICT federation, the chief member of the Ordering Practice Improvement Committee and the chief member of the K-SW Forum Technical Committee.

Dongyun Shin

He established Everyzone that be known for vaccine. After that He established Cucu communication and launched cucubox service. Now He is working as a chief marketer in NHN and working for rural development administration as a marketing advisor at the same time.

Changju Im

Expertise in VR/AR. Prof. at Korea Polytechnic University. Visiting Prof. at UC Irvine, Institute of Virtual Environment and Computer Game. Founder and CEO of Media Interactive (Merged with Dream Roasting Co.) Postdoc. at Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Computer Science Engineering. Ph.D. MS. BS. Industrial Engineering (HCI/VR) at KAIST Seoul Science High School.

Simon Sungmin Choi

He did run Appleton to develop the mobile phone and established Tinno Mobile Korea to launch French smart phone brand Wiko. Also, he was the head of director of Korea branch for China-U.S. Innovation Institutes of Peking University. Now he is running the consulting company, Dream Holdings and in partnership with Eubiz Law Firm for IT consulting and in the position of Co-CEO in Korea Medical Lab.

Seok Lee

He has expertise in marketing and consulting. In 2008, he served as the CEO of a marketing company - CHANG UP MANIA. The same year, he won the Daum Communication award in the marketing category and later on, worked as the CEO of Ilmack Consultant Co., Ltd. Currently apart from managing the blockchain community, he is also serving as the Futurepia advisor.

Sangseung Bae

Based on his experience of working at Samsung C&T, KTB Network, and Ministry of Culture, he founded New Paradigm Investment and has invested in multiple startup companies related to the blockchain, VR / AR, AI and O2O platforms that are aiming to become the leading enterprises in the next generation of technology.

Sungdae Park

Currently, he is the vice chairman of KOMSIMA.org (Korea Medium and Small Industry Managers Association, vice chairman of Korean Society of Industry Convergence, International Member of Beijing Small Business Merchants Association, CEO of Keun-Aleum and in the past has served as the CEO of YJS.

Kiseok Park

He was the largest shareholder of oil field development company(SOTA E&P) in Texas, USA. As an expert in the realfield of competitive marketing, he has been carrying out Cryptocurrency business with his deeply accumulated know-how and experience of marketing. In the future, his clear goal is to become genuine pioneer in the Cryptocurrency market by expanding the innovative 4th generation PIA coin based blockchain technology in Korea as well as in global market places.

Joohyung Kim

Currently, he is serving as the CEO of Organic Bridge and a decentralized AI beauty platform Elfix. Apart from that, he owns hundreds of formulations and around 74.4 million personalized cosmetics manufacturing technologies. He participated as the Beauty President during the Korea-China Economic Mission in 2017 and conducted a session about the future beauty industry of the Wanma Group. He also won the 2018 Korea Peace Press Award for being the pioneer of developing new technologies.

Brian Jung

He is currently the co-founder of Liker World, a blockchain-based education content platform, and is the head of HEdpAY eBank Asia. He is an entrepreneur and mentor to various start-ups and founded the world‘s first Internet cafe.

Sukwon Lee

Running Blockchain Community Blog since 2017'. Awarded Huobi Korea "Winning of the largest new members in 2018". Serving as the promotional ambassador in Aergo and BW. Currently working as a media representative of Internet Crypto. News 'dooridoori.com'. Cooperating partner with following blockchain agencies; 'CoinIN', 'Panony', 'Unblocked Block',China and Global Integrated Contents Management and Professional Consulting companies, also 'CLET' and 'Tokenpost'.


Jungkyu Hwang  

He is a smart application development expert who belongs to Sigmachain and develops a lot of applications from J2ME until Android. He has a variety of technologies and experiences about P2P Connection, Social Media Application. Also He has careers that had developed Samsung Smartphone Software : CDMA, GSM, UMTS.

Kwangho Hur  

He is an application program development expert. In the past, He developed the mobile project as PM at Samsung multimedia layer solution and a lot of application programs for business. Beyond that, He has a lot of development careers : Samsung Mobile-Android Application, Hyundai Mobis ARHUD Component Development, ETRI Medical 3D Printer.

Seungwook Kim   

Previously, he worked for developer, PL, PM, and worked at Awasoft. Currently, he is working as a developer of SigmaChain. He has technical support for the Citibank Mobile Banking Renewal Project, has been involved in various projects including Shinhan Bank's overhaul of mobile banking and technical support for mobile bankbook project.

Duckhyun Jang  

He is an expert in game and broadcasting services and has worked in one of the famous game developer companies called Dragonfly. Based on his extensive experience, he founded J&P GAMES and started the game publishing business. Later on, he worked for the e-sports channel ‘OGN‘ by ‘CJ ENM‘ and ‘DIA TV‘, a Multi-Channel Networks based platform.

Jinyoung Shin  

As an IT planner with more than 15 years of experience, she has launched services such as Social Media Single Community Saycupid, Story Video Collaboration Editor, Wired / Wireless Integrated P2P, Social Market Place App and Social Media Address Book. She has experience building LG Telecom CMS and Music Portal. She published [Easy to Learn Internet Broadcasting] as a book.
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Gyeongho Je  

He is a web-programmer that makes website professionally standed on the basis of JSP, PHP. In the past, he participated in civil affair notification system development. He has a lot of careers that had made various section of web-sites : Shoppingmall, Public Office, Manufacturing Process System. Now He is making the web service standed on the basis of block-chain.

Kiho Park  

He is an application development specialist and has developed mobile, applications and many enterprise applications. He is a developer of Samsung mobile project, mainly developing models and developing Android widgets. In addition, I have a history of working in the system maintenance team of the road construction company. Currently, he is a professional developer of block chains for sigmachain.

Minjeong Park  

She is working for Sigmachain CO., Ltd as a blockchain developer. She has a degree in computer science and an application development expert. In the past, she developed a number of cell phones, Samsung Electronics CDMA, UMTS and the Android smartphone UI. She has various development experience of Hybrid app/Android app development and the maintenance of operating system from Korea Highway Corp.

Dongseok Baek   

He is an executive in the sigmachain and has a history of working at Enkia. He has participated as a team member of many projects and participated projects include Hadam Forest System Improvement Project, New Image Platform Development, Information Security Portal Construction, and Road Technology Integration DB Construction.

Majid Mushtaq  

Majid did his Masters in Industrial and Management Engineering from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (KGSP Scholarship 2015). He codes in Python, C++, Matlab and expert at social media marketing tools like Hootsuite, Hubspot, Shortstack, Wordpress and Mailchimp. In the past, he has worked with Korea.net and Korea Tourism Organization as a blogger and has represented Pakistan at 18 countries.

Jaegap Kim  

He has worked with CJ CheilJedang on various domains including field marketing planning, data analysis, and strategy support. Later on, he established Rebel company and helped in the planning and operations of a design outsourcing service Crowding. He has expertise in conducting various consultations with a number of South East Asian companies, exchanges, and businesses and helped them in signing MoUs with other partners. Currently, he is working as Sigmachain and is in charge of business planning and external cooperations.

Janghan Kim  

In the past, He worked on a opensource project, Chromium using C++,C# and JAVA. Besides, He took on vison system development and participated in a lot of system developments. Now he is working for Sigmachain as a developer.

Jihoon Han  

He is a JAVA developer for Sigmachain Co.,Ltd. He has a degree in computer system engineering. He has experience in SI projects related to personnel, accounting, and settlement in many companies including Daekyo, Hanwha E&C, Shinhan Bank, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Card, LIG Nexon, NAVER, SK Planet, Haiming and NS Home Shopping.

Taehyun Hwang  

He has built and maintained about 150 servers in Seoul city council, Gangwon provincial council, Daegu metropolitan city council, etc. Currently, he is in charge of server management, network / security work and computer room management in Sigma chain.

Eunjung Choe  

Android app, application developer. He has participated in application program and Social Media mobile APP program development. In the past, he worked as a security worker at Sun-Moon and is currently working as a sigmachain developer.

Byungchul Hwang  

He mainly works with PHP and Java Script, and worked on creating and maintaining websites based on php Codeigniter. Recently, as a representative of Web RTC-based video chat Android / IOS application SEE U, he is working on database development using application PHP based API and MySQL.

Geonhee Yun  

She has expertise in the iOS app development and in the past, has served as an iOS developer in a few Japanese companies. She has also worked for Shiseido, MIA, Japanese Volleyball Association and others to help them launch their apps.

Mingyu Park  

He has extensive experience in the app development other tasks like web site development, e-government framework, while having a strong hold on asp, php, jsp, javascript, etc.He is currently working in Sigmachain and responsible for Android App Development.

Jeanam Song  

She is working as a designer at sigmachain CO.,Ltd. She has a lot of design related careers.In the past, she took the overall design work at Shinhan Investment Corp and design information management & financial procedures at Samsung Securities. She has the overall design skills from mobile to web.

Mijin Bak  

She has worked as a web designer and is currently working as a publisher.
She has worked on web standard, bootstrap, html5, mobile, responsive homepage project. Hanyang University Engineering College, Employment Information Space, 2014 World Youth Love Festival, International Firefighting and Fighting Exhibition, There is.

Jungbum Kim  

From website design and development to the coding, he has been in charge of various successful projects. While working with a small startup company, he succeeded in its line-up. Based on his extensive experience of website design and renewal, he is currently working as a designer and publisher at Sigmachain.

Seonmin Lee  

She studied design informatics at Musashino Art University in Japan and I have a design career in Japan and Korea. She has participated as a team member of many projects, and the main participation projects are Qoo10 JAPAN, GLASARK and Kyobo Life. Besides, he has won awards at AC JAPAN. He is currently a UXUI designer in the Sigma chain.

Seonghyeon Lee  

She majored in Political Science and Diplomacy (formerly International Diplomacy) and has a background in promoting Mexican PEMEX companies in Korea. Currently, She is involved in many projects including planning and design as a part of planning and design in the sigma chain.


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    • SKT SmartKeepel CCTV + App. Launch
    • CCTV Location based App 'Oing' Development
    • Cloud Streaming Services 'CANCAN'
    • Patent : Prohibition on Similar App Double Action
    • Mobile media streaming service using UDP Punching
    • Mass storage file with wifi direct Technology
    • Media streaming using Cloud Service Server




    • 'TOUCH' Application Launch
    • Real-time Personal Broadcasting Media Server Development
    • Research Block Chain Algorithm




    • Team building : DDPoS Algorithm Development
    • DDPoS Engine Development
    • Basic work for ICO
    • Patent : Method of verifying block based on Blockchain
    • Web Wallet Development
    • DDPoS Mainnet Launch
    • PIA Web Wallet Launch




    • FUTUREPIA Rewards Policy
    • FUTUREPIA Service Development
    • Block Chain DDPoS Node Build
    • DDPoS Mainnet Setting
    • DDPoS Mainnet Open Preparation
    • Master Node Select
    • App Wallet Development
    • 50 APIs finished
    • Window/Linux base BP,BO setup
    • Testnet open to public




    • Development of Futurepia DApp
    • SNAC upgrade
    • SNAC Open Beta Launch (2Q)
    • Listing on BW Exchange (2Q)
    • 105API finished (2Q)



    2019 3Q~4Q

    • Development of Futurepia Dapp
    • SNAC upgrade
    • PASTA(Pia Alliance Standard Token Agreement) Launch (3Q)
    • Listing on Digifinex Korea Exchange (3Q)
    • BP System Launch (3Q)
    • Global Sales team setup (3Q)
    • Global meet up (3Q)
    • Futurepia DApp Contest (4Q)
    • Global Partnership with Asian Country (4Q)



    2020 1Q~2Q

    • Development of Futurepia Dapp
    • SNAC upgrade
    • Global Sales
    • Global Partnership for Asian, Eurepen, USA country